Capstone is a structured three-year leadership development program with three components: cohort training and discussion, mentoring, and participation in camps/mission trips/internships.  

Capstone Teachers play a vital role in cohort training and discussion.  Capstone Teachers use their passion, professional experience, and life experiences to create an engaging 30-minute presentation that aims to educate students in one of our five focus areas, which we call "The Five Essentials".  

The Time Commitment:

Teaching gives busy professionals the opportunity to impact a student's life without the need for a major time commitment.  

Teachers make a 30-minute presentation to students on a Tuesday afternoon of their choosing between the hours of 3pm and 5pm.

Before being scheduled as a presenter, Teachers meet with Capstone Staff for approximately 40 minutes for an orientation that is designed to help our teachers be successful with the students via their presentation. 

The Location of Cohort Trainings:

City Life Building
1641 E. Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46201

How to Become a Capstone Teacher:
It's simple!  Take 10 minutes to complete the Teacher Application. Someone will get back with you within 5 business days to schedule your Teacher Orientation.  

Contact for Questions:
Trezanay M. Atkins
Director, Capstone Leadership Initiative
phone:  317-925-2828